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20th Dec 2016

The Delicious Inner-City Sushi Restaurant That You’ve Probably Passed Countless Times

Alana Laverty

When you think of sushi in the Temple Bar area, you probably immediately think of Banyi.

But there’s a new kid on the block: Eatokyo, and their food is absolutely incredible.

Top quality sushi and unusual, authentic Japanese dishes looking out onto The Liffey. It doesn’t get much better than that now does it?

Top tip: go hungry. I left this place in a serious food coma.

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With it’s quirky, Japanese style interior – you feel right at home. It’s located just a few doors down from the Temple Bar arch, on Wellington Quay.

The staff are so great, informative and helpful, without being overbearing. The manager, Jay, in particular is so passionate about their food.

And described their specials to us in great detail.

We started our meal with a tasty little cup of miso soup. You can always judge the quality of a Japanese restaurant based on their miso, and Eatokyo’s had the perfect ratio of seaweed to tofu. Not too much, just enough. And a tasty broth with tiny rings of sliced spring onions.

We then moved on to two pieces of flamed salmon nigiri and some gyoza that were fried to perfection. As per Jay’s recommendation.

The salmon nigiri was cooked on top, and raw on the side touching the rice. It tasted smoky and delicious. Quite an unusual piece of sushi but Jay explained it was for those hesitant to try raw fish for the first time. This method of half-cooking aims to ease them in slowly.

We also tried some salmon kushiyaki – grilled salmon and asparagus in teriyaki sauce which was served on skewers and tasted incredible. I usually prefer my salmon raw or smoked, but this was diviiiine.

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I’m pretty basic when it comes to actual sushi, usually opting for a salmon and avocado roll. I can’t help it – it’s just SO good.

And Eatokyo’s was perfect. Some sushi restaurants will give you half salmon, half avo. I believe it should be 70% salmon to 30% avocado wrapped in nori and rice. And they nailed that.

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We also ordered a mixed Nami platter to try a bitta everythang, including octopus, squid, prawns, sweet shrimp and other seafoods.

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Eatokyo’s ramen is top-class. Delicious bone broths that are individually flavoured and tailored to each bowl.

I tried the Kimchi Beef Ramen. The broth was rich yet light, with intense spice. The soup was genuinely the best bit about this dish. The beef was slightly overcooked, I would have preferred it more rare, but perhaps I should have said that when ordering.

It came with mushrooms and some other veg and garnish. And of course a big pile of ramen noodles in the base.

Up there with some of the best ramens I’ve tried. And I know my ramen.

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Other big bowls of soup include a tempura prawn and veg with udon noddles in soup, a plain beef udon, chicken and kimchi chicken ramen, cha shu ramen, beef ramen and a seafood ramen which Jay highly recommended to us as their most popular dish.

A seriously hearty meal. Perfect for a rainy day.

They also serve other classic Japanese dishes like Cha Han, Yaki Soba and Katsu curries.

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We finished our meal with some Sayuri, a special type of sake. #TreatYo’self

It was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. Super strong but really gorgeous and sweet. It was served cold, unlike normal sake that is served hot.

It is made with rice and fresh natural water from the mountains of Rokko, Japan.

Yes, I felt suuuper cool and cultured after drinking it.

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Your new sushi haven right in the city centre.

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