The Best Pubs In Each Dublin Postcode To Get Comfy In For The Day And Watch All The Sport

By Darragh Berry

July 4, 2019 at 4:48pm


The weather is starting to get so miserable that the thoughts of going out are getting less and less appealing.

But with all the sport that is going, the thoughts of watching it in the house while the rain batters the window, is even worse.

And what's even worse than that, is the fact that you might not even have the channels to roar on your favourite team.

But, not to worry.

No matter where you are in the country, there's a pub near you that will fulfill your sporting needs.

So whether you find yourself in town, or you're stuck in a foreign part of the county that you don't know that well, we have you covered.

Dublin 1.

The obvious one here is 'The Living Room' but if there's a big sporting game on, this is going to be packed to the gills.

And it's hard to get comfy in some place that's wedged. Don't get us wrong, the craic will be 90 but if you want a place where you have the chance of getting a nice table for you and your friends, Madigan's is the one for you.

Dublin 2.

Doheny & Nesbitt's is absolutely covered in Irish rugby memorabilia and is very popular among celebrities - these two world renowned singers have paid it a visit recently.

A pub plastered wall to wall with sport; you don't need much more convincing.

Dublin 3.

Cusack's: Sure isn't Sam himself fond of an auld scoop in this place, but you won't find any GAA here this winter sadly...

Dublin 4

If you can't get into the Aviva but you're in the vicinity, McCloskey's is the closest you'll get to the roar of the stadium, without being in it.

Dublin 5


You won't be stuck for a screen to view the sports on in Horse And Hound. You'll be able to spot all decisions and vitol moments on one of the many screens here.

Dublin 6

The Hill is going to be bopping so hard over the winter because of all the sport, that you need to book a table if you want to guarantee your spot.

Dublin 6W

There's no arguments here, you're going to Brady's. If there's more than one match of importance on, they'll cater for everyone's need. Top peeps.

Dublin 7

McGowan's is the obvious shout here but Frank Ryan's is the spot. You can even get a quick game of pool in at half-time or in between all the games.

Dublin 8

Bull & Castle runs close for this one but we have to give it to The Bleeding Horse.

There's multiple projector screens so no matter where you're sitting, you'll find the action.

Dublin 9

O'Mara's 'The Red Parrot' is a unhidden, hidden gem. It's in plain sight but unlike the rest of the pubs near Croker, even in the height of GAA season, it's easy to move around the place and get a pint. A grand haunt for the sport.

Dublin 10

Tim Younges - because just look at the size of that screen. LOOK AT IT.

Dublin 11


You're going to head to John Kavanagh's at some stage for one of the best pints of Guinness that Dublin has to offer but, for the game, you should park yourself in The Deputy Mayor.

They serve a cracking carvery too so dinner is sorted too.

Dublin 12

Rory O'Connor's is perched right beside the Ashleaf Shopping Centre in Crumlin.

O'Connor's (or 'The Sub Lounge' as it was known back in the day) was a fan favourite of former Republic of Ireland manager, Jack Charlton. And we dare anyone to argue with the man that helped us beat the English in Euro 88, brought us to the Quarter Finals in Italia 90 and successfully got revenge on the Italians in 1994.

Dublin 13

You'll literally be on top of the world when your team win in here.

Well, kind of, The Summit Inn is a historic hilltop pub with mountain views which is located at the summit of Howth Hill.

Dublin 14

The Yellow House is one of the nicest looking pubs in Dublin from the outside, so it'd be just a shame not to step inside and see if the inside is the same...

Dublin 15

They don't call De Bruns 'the home of the creamy pint' for nothing!

It's right in the centre of Castleknock and is also one of the few places with a pool table. So you can sink a red, yellow or black in between games while sinking a pint.

There's a massive screen in the smoking area and you can also avail of great steaks on the stone

Dublin 16

It has possibly the most depressing name for a pub in all of Dublin, but it's a great place for sport.


This pub is described as "the best pub in South Dublin" but invites customers to come in and see for yourself.

Dublin 17

Buglers in Ballyboden has a massive open area just devoted to one television. There's plenty of elbow room here so don't worry about your pint going flying, just worry about the flight of the ball instead.

Dublin 18

Situated in Barnacullia in Sandyford, The Blue Light has an absolute gorgeous view of the entire city of Dublin.

But you know what view is more gorgeous? The view of the television with a pint in hand.

Dublin 20

Want to spend a day watching sport while surrounded in a winter wonderland?

Then, The Strawberry Hall is the place for you. Once you watch one match here over the winter, you're going to keep coming back for more and more.

Dublin 22

Boomers in the Dutch Village Shopping Centre is a pub full of locals who will welcome you with open arms if you're in for the game.

We love nothing more than to see this around the glass of a pint of Guinness...

Dublin 24

Molloy's Bar & Grill serves up some serious burgers and has been voted Dublin's best gastropub on several occasions.

So you won't go hungry in there, even if the appetite is gone because your team is after getting hammered.

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