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20th Dec 2016

Sam’s Worst Ex Encounter: ‘I Ended Up Sitting In A Strip Club With My Current Date And Ex’

Alana Laverty

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Sam’s story

I was dating a lad for a few weeks and we were nearing O’Connell Street when I got into a row with a guy who was holding a board for a strip club around the corner.

I was there yelling at the guy holding the board when I heard a voice say, “Only you would argue with this poor guy”.

I turned around.

It was my ex boyfriend.

Awkwardly, I introduced them to each other.

Turns out the guy I was dating was reeeally easy going, and was chatting away with my ex like they’d been buddies for years, and proceeded to invite him for a drink…

It being 3am in the morning, everywhere was shut, EXCEPT for the strip club. They both went in.

I followed thinking “WTF?!”.

I ended up having to sit in the strip club, with my current date AND ex-boyfriend – whom things ended really, really badly with – having a beer, with the two of them talking about me like I wasn’t even there.

I’m there trying to act all cool while subtly kicking my ex under the table trying to give him the hint to fucking leave.

Most awkward drink, EVER.

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