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We Asked For Your Worst Ex Encounters – And These Finalists Make For Uncomfortable Reading!

By Alana Laverty

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


There's nothing on Earth quite as awkward as bumping into an ex.

Whether you left them heartbroken or still consider them the one that got away, coming face-to-face with a former flame is the ABSOLUTE WORST.

From walking up beside them after a heavy night on the sesh to mortifying yourself in front of their new significant other, there are so many ways that random encounters with your ex can go wrong... 

We asked, you delivered. 

We've been absolutely inundated with tales that have destroyed (and occasionally restored) our faith in humanity.

We were splitting our sides laughing in the office. 

How to vote? 

We want this to be about the best story, and not just the best social media campaign for votes – so the winning entry will be decided by a combination of: 

  • Votes received on the form below 
  • The number of times each story is shared on Facebook

Vote below, then share your favourite story!

Check out the other stories...

Story #1 

Sam's Worst Ex Encounter: 'I Ended Up Sitting In A Strip Club With My Current Date And Ex'

Story #2 

Amy’s Worst Ex Encounter: 'He Gets Down On His Knees And Starts Singing The Script'

Story #3 

Caitlin’s Worst Ex Encounter: 'I Unknowingly Hooked Up With His Housemate'

Story #4

Ivan’s Worst Ex Encounter: 'Let’s Just Say It Was The Weirdest Tarot Card Reading Ever'

Story #5 

Debbie’s Worst Ex Encounter: 'I Ended Up Kissing My Ex’s Cousin'

Story #6 

Michaella’s Worst Ex Encounter: 'While Crossing The Road I Got Hit By A Cyclist Who Landed On Top Of Me

Story #7 

Karen’s Worst Ex Encounter: 'The Woman Waving At The Doorway Was My Ex’s Mother'

Story #8 

Emma’s Worst Ex Encounter: 'I Ended Up Climbing Out Of His Front Window In My Dress And Heels'

Story #9 

Lucy's Worst Ex Encounter: 'My Ex Turned Up To Watch Me Air Guitar To Paddy Casey'

Story #10 

Laura’s Worst Ex Encounter: 'I Fell Face Forward On Some Squatting Festival-Goers'

Story #11

Suzanne’s Worst Ex Encounter: 'My Waters Burst And Baby Arrives 9 Hours Of Screaming Hell Later!'

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