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20th Dec 2016

We Asked You For Your Housemate From Hell Stories – Now Vote For The Best One!


Last week, we asked you to tell us your most bizarre, outlandish, batshit crazy stories about shared accommodation – and man, oh man, did you guys respond in earnest.

But after a lot of work – and a lot of moans, groans, cringes and hoots in the Lovin Dublin offices – we’ve managed to whittle it down to 12 from the huge volume we received.

So now, it’s time to vote – and decide which lucky bastard gets a month’s rent paid courtesy of our good selves.


Read the entries

Trust us. These are worth your time.

Story #1

After The Commotion, We Noticed He Was On Top Of Another Person… Who Was Also Naked’

Story #2

He Thought This Was The Most Normal Thing In The World, And Carried On Talking About The Weather

Story #3

One Time He Ate A Whole Roasted Chicken Whilst Lying In Bed With No Clothes On

Story #4

When Drunk And Not In Familiar Surroundings, I Tend To Sleepwalk

Story #5

I Turned Around, And There He Was Was Watching Us In The Dark, With A Bottle In His Hand

Story #6

To This Day He’s Unaware Of How He Sleepwalked Into One Of Our Neighbour’s Houses

Story #7

We Returned From The Festival To A Vast Number Of People Crying On The Street

Story #8

I Saw A Man Sitting On The Couch, Rolling A Joint, Who Looked Like A Bad Bill Bailey Impersonator

Story #9

She Was Looking For 50 Shades Of Grey, And Yer Man Went A Solid Hundred On Her

Story #10

I Grab My Girlfriend To Protect Her Modesty. He Leaves The Room Shouting OLÉ OLÉ OLÉ

Story #11

It’s Not That He Was Malicious – He Was Just The Most Careless Man I’ve Ever Met

Story #12

Turns Out For The Past Three Months My Roomate Had Been Taking My Rent Money


How to vote

We want this to be about the best story, and not just the best social media campaign, so the winning entry will be decided by a combination of:

  • How many times each story is shared on Facebook and Twitter (this number can be seen under the headline of each article)
  • How many votes each story receives in the form below

Anything else?

Votes close next Monday August 3 at 5pm, and you can see the terms and conditions here.

Now get voting and sharing those stories!