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20th Dec 2016

“We Returned From The Festival To A Vast Number Of People Crying On The Street”


We asked our readers to provide their worst flatsharing stories, for a chance to win a month’s rent. Check out Story #7 here – and see below for details on how to vote!

“We lived with a real tricky customer a couple of years back.

“He used to lock himself in his bedroom and listen to death metal music, punching and kicking the walls as he did so. He’d invite his naked self into the shower when we had friends over… who were taking showers. That happened at least 3 or 4 times.

“You would just hear blood curdling screams at 10am, then your girlfriend’s mate would come running out of the jacks pale faced, followed by this waddling fella who was already slurring his words and bending over, purposefully showing off his big, weirdly tanned, fat arse.

When our neighbour complained, he got a can to the head

“It was a living nightmare actually. Thinking about it all these years later makes me feel weird.

“I remember it all came to a head in ’08 or ’09 when we went to the Mantua festival. I got a call from the landlord asking us to come back.

“When we returned, the place was swarming with Gardai and my mate was in bits. Yer man seemingly had stripped off and was up on top of the roof for all to see. When our neighbour complained, he got a can to the head.

“But it gets worse. He fell naked off the roof, into the neighbour’s back garden and then stormed their gaff, naked and fighting, until he was eventually knocked unconscious.

“We returned from the festival to a vast number of people crying on the street.

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