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20th Dec 2016

7 Reasons To Swallow Your Pride, Gather Your Mates And Go Watch Riverdance In The Gaiety


It’s probably the least cool way to spend an evening that you’ll ever encounter – and you’d be a brave soul to be the first one to throw it into your WhatsApp group.

But a night at the Gaiety for the current run of Riverdance – which continues until early September – is a seriously good tip for a night out.

Here’s why.

It’s seriously good value for money

At just €40 for upper circle seats – which are a damn sight better in the Gaiety than they are in the Olympia – it’s insanely good value considering the scale and the professionalism of the production.


You’ll probably end up taking up/resuming Irish dancing lessons

There’s just no way you can watch these disgustingly talented people without cursing your decision to quit Irish dancing at the age of 11.

“THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ME,” you’ll think. “And maybe it still can…”

Suffice to say, the standard here is just mind-blowing; good enough for you to question all your life decisions, but impressive enough for you to still come out with a massive grin on your face.


It absolutely FLIES by…

The first act lasts a super-snappy 45 minutes, while the second act is just a little longer – and it’s all broken into quick scenes and flashy transitions, so you won’t even feel the time go by.

Don’t waste your money on a drink at the 15-minute interval, mind – they’ll have no qualms about putting a full (pricy) pint into your hand, then seconds later ordering you back to your seat while refusing to transfer your drink into a plastic cup.

You have been warned: save your money.

… and wraps up just around drinks o’clock

Not only does it feel short while you’re in your seat – but the 7.30 start time means that you emerge right around the corner from South William Street at around 9.30 on the dot. 

Peter’s Pub, anyone?


It’s cheesy as hell, but so damn good you just don’t care…

Songs about the divinity of the sun, emigration and voiceovers talking about a return to the homeland; it’s all a bit bloody ridiculous, and it’s hard not to chuckle away at times.

But you really stop caring about that once you watch their feet moving.

… so you’ll emerge energised, buzzing and arguing over what the best bit was

You’ll be surprised at the strongly held views your friends have on the topic of flamenco dancing.

Very surprised.

And, of course, because of THAT song

Maybe you remember seeing it when it was just a nipper, as the 1994 Eurovision interval act.

Maybe you remember its 18-week run at the top of the charts that same year – a feat that’s as yet unsurpassed in Irish musical history.

Or maybe you just know it as the call for last orders at the bar in Coppers.

Either way, the Riverdance song that precedes the interval is an absolute staple of Irish life… and there’s something about watching it on the big stage (albeit with a smaller ensemble than you might be used to) that will give you goosebumps. 

Worth it all for that bit alone, to be quite honest.