9 Hilariously American Observations Overheard In Dublin

By AmyBell

March 17, 2019 at 10:03am


Ah, Americans.

When they visit our isle of Ireland, they stand out from the crowd. There's the baseball jerseys and maps of Dublin stretched out in their hands as they try to find O'Connell Street.

But most of all you hear those unmistakable accents, which are sometimes hard to miss or overhear.

Of course, there are some things that reading Lonely Planet won't teach you...

1. 'Ireland is part of the UK' debate

Plenty of American guys make use of dating app Tinder while in Ireland - but some have better luck than others.

2. Everywhere not in the city centre is in the land of the 'unknown'


If an American ventures outside of Dublin's fair city, they usually feel as if they are going out into some rural, abandoned land tucked away from civilisation. These Twitter observations couldn't be more accurate.

3. 'How do I get to the shopping street?'

Of course, shopping is on the agenda when you're on your holidays. Especially when it comes to Americans, they want all the Irish merchandise, Aran jumpers and to see Penneys IRL.

You are bound to get stopped or asked in town or on Dublin Bus about how do they get to that 'shopping street', AKA Grafton Street.

4. Looking for landmarks that aren't actually in our country

Sightseeing is a big thing when it comes to holidaying in Ireland. Our tourists stare up confused at the Spire, have to go see The Book of Kells and yet, there are some things that they don't quite realise aren't Irish. This tweet gave us a good laugh.


5. 'I can drink here!' exclamation

With the drinking age being 21 in the States the Americans have a field day when they land on our soil. They end up spending their time in Temple Bar or wanting to know what the fuss is about Coppers for a night out.

This one user Jane was not so happy when she was asked to show ID when looking to buy a drink.

6. The hunt for leprechauns

Leprechauns are real, right? Well some Americans sure think so. We do have our very own leprechaun museum but there is always the question of where can they find them or asking if they do exist.

7. Thinking all Dublin Buses go to the airport


You see a lot of American tourists try to get on your local Dublin Bus and asking to go to Dublin Airport. To their dismay, not every Dublin Bus goes to the airport, really it's just a select few.

8. 'I'm in Dublin!' speech and photos of Guinness

We all document our holliers but American tourists can take it to another level when in Dublin. All they will talk about is how they are in Dublin and post it all over social media along with several carefully angled photos of Guinness.

9. 'Where is the fields and sheep?'

We all know that Dublin is a highly developed city but some American tourists think all of Ireland is green fields, small towns and full of cows and sheep. This one tweet gave us a serious laugh.

Have you heard any unusual American comments yourself? Let us know!