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20th Dec 2016

There’s A New Sprout In Town… And It’s Definitely Our Favourite Yet


Healthy eating lovers rejoice, the newest of the Sprout trilogy has hit Dublin City, and it boasts the best views in the whole city. 

The new café is a continuation of the Dawson and Mount Street eateries, but in a super slick building. The Kirwan lads have set up shop in an old boathouse on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, quite literally on the water, with some really cracking views. 

Jack Kirwan, one of the Sprout creators said of the venue: ”I passed by this old boathouse about a year ago, and thought to myself if I was to open a place in the city, I wanted it to be in there. The views alone.”

I mean…

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Indoors boasts exposed brick, light coming at you from all angles (including an array of skylights) and some really gorgeous wood, framing what is to be another one of Dublin 2’s go-to salad bars.  

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But, what’s so different about this Sprout?

The Sir John Rogerson’s Quay Sprout also boasts an interesting element that no other Sprout will have – it’s very own greenhouse, in store. 

While still in progress of being built, the glasshouse is visible proof that the creators, chefs and makers of Sprout salads use only the freshest of ingredients, preferring their own batch grown in-store. 

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And that’s not the only thing that’s out-in-the-open in this Sprout, due to windows allowing you to be able to peer into the chef’s quarters – you can see your salad being hand-crafted from root to tip. 

The Sprout lads are also showing us just how much they love close-to-home grown vegetables, by pairing up with Rian Coulter of the NCAD Community Garden. Back in his college days, he turned two acres of wasteland into vegetable allotments, and started growing things with no plan on what to do with them. 

The Kirwans have a long-standing relationship with Rian (they donated their first day’s pay of Sprout Dawson Street to the NCAD Garden) and now they use his produce from the garden in their very own stores. Promoting healthy food, producing your own veg, and city-centre growing – hurray!

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Anything else?

This Sprout will sit 16 people indoors, and come February 1, will also have capacity to sit 60 outside. This naturally includes a detachable weatherproof cover for those colder and wetter days, as cracking views all around for the nicer days we’re all waiting for.

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The Kirwan brothers’ latest venture will be open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch. And with a new year comes new ventures, so from January they will also be serving up a brunch that will knock your socks off. 

Sprout Sir John Rogerson’s Quay is hoping to be open before Christmas, but if not, it will be certainly be open the first week of January.

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