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20th Dec 2016

This Is What Can Happen To You In London If You’re ‘Tall, Black And Wearing A Jacket’


“bullet proof vests… tazers… everything.

“When they pulled up all i was thinking was ‘i am NOT getting done like Jean Charles de Menezes’. when they shoot first, ask in depth questions later….

This is a pretty chilling story, relayed on Twitter by the (awesome) London-based artist and photographer Ray Fiasco.

Security has been heightened in the British capital as the city marks the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 bombings – but this is a terrifying reaction to a threat that simply did not exist, and an insight into what it’s like to “fit the description”.

Whatever the fuck that means.

Thankfully the situation was calmed because he had his passport on him at the time – although you shudder to think how the experience might have been for him if he (like most people when they’re walking around their own city) had left it at home.

At this point, he was composed in a way that most people probably wouldn’t have been – but again, as was the case with the passport, that only raises the more troubling question of what might have happened had he reacted to the stress of the situation in a different way?


This is London, remember.

Check out Ray Fiasco’s website here – it’s pretty awesome.

Would have been nice to discover his stuff under better circumstances, mind…