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15 Tweets You’ll Instantly Relate To If Your Housemates Are The Worst Humans Of All Time

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No one ever said that living with people is easy. 

But it shouldn’t be this fucking hard. 

After four years in shared accommodation I’ve seen just about everything there is to see. And heard everything. Everything.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 

1. This person whose food you should never fuck with

2. This poor person who lives with air polluting monsters 

3. This person who sums it up pretty well

4. This person who suffers through the worst traits housemates can have 

5. This person who fears for future roommates 

6. This person who is prepared for a fight at any time

7. This person who is just DONE

8. This person who is questioning every action she’s ever made. Karma?

9. This person who is at the end of her tether  

10. This person who curses the significant others for taking over 

11. This person who has to deal with dodgy music

12. This person who cannot hack it anymore 

13. This person who is traumatised for life – we’ve all been there

14. This person who is unblocking the sink… for the hundredth fucking time

15. This person relishing in the final goodbye

Is there anything more satisfying?

Ok, deep breaths.

Just remember, if you kill them the house will be even messier than it already is. 

Stay strong x

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