Here Are The 12 Most Amazing Irish Tweets Of The Week

"So Johnson's campaign for PMhood is fully dead. Boris in Ossuary"

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So, as we have it, this instalment of the best tweets reads like a secondary school timetable. 

And we decided to roll with it.

So here's your schedule for today...

1. History with @Rubberbandits

2. P.E. with @phlaimeaux 

3. Home Ec with @ceebels

4. Physics with @bigmonsterlove

5. Social Studies with @omgDebbie

6. Technology with @Booms26

7. Irish with @MiseCiara

8. Biology with @CiaraDicaprio

9. Politics with @oconnola

10. Geography with @colmtobin

11. Music with @rogueandrolle

12. And finally, Witchcraft and Wizardry with @amyohconnor

Hey, someone MUST teach it somewhere.

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