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This Is The Most Disgusting Thing Being Served In Restaurants Right Now

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Ever hated an ingredient so much that you want to fling your plate out the window when you realise your food has been garnished with it?

Of course you have, and we guarantee that ingredient goes by the name of coriander.

Known to some as ‘The Devil’s Herb’, something called “science” is convinced that coriander tastes different depending on your genes, but I’m here to set the record straight once and for all.

Anyone who likes coriander is downright delusional, and here’s why…

It comes on EVERYTHING, even when you ask for NONE

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Sometime it’s even chopped up into tiny pieces so you can’t pick it out


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And that soapy taste overpowers every single morsel of food it ever comes into contact with

It ruins salads, pizzas, burritos, and Asian dishes across the globe

You name it, coriander has ruined it.

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It contaminates even the most sacred of meals

Two of our favourite things: brunch and avocados RUINED by sneaky coriander.

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It even creeps into cocktails when we least expect it

Sometimes you don’t even notice that coriander is in something until it’s too late

Ron Scared

And it ruins your whole fucking day


So it’s time we started treating the avoidance of coriander like a proper dietary requirement

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Because, in reality, the bin is the only place for this sorry excuse of a herb

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Proud coriander hater?

Wear your heart on your sleeve and let’s stop this menace to society once and for all. Grab your very own tee here.

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The people have spoken.

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