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21st Sep 2021

Peroni gets to the bottom of what Irish people missed most about pubs

Katy Thornton

It’s no secret that the Irish people desperately missed pubs over the course of the pandemic

Having gone without “wet pubs” (pubs that don’t serve food) for over a year, this summer saw their return met with great enthusiasm. Peroni conducted a survey last month to understand how people felt about bars in light of the pandemic. Like with most things, pubs and bars were something we took for granted pre coronavirus, and it feels especially good to have them back. Over 56% of those surveyed said they have a greater appreciation for pubs and their staff now having gone without them for so long.

33% of men and 46% of women admitted to taking the pub experience for granted, something they are unlikely to do again any time soon. As for what people looked forward to most about the return to normality – 30% was hanging with friends. Women were most excited to go for a meal, while men opted for a pint and good craic with mates.

67% of people opted for weekend visits to the pub, while 30% had zero preference. We’re sure they’re just happy to be able to go at all!

It’s nice to finally see some of this normality back in our day to day lives. I think one thing is for certain – we won’t soon take it for granted again.

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