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28th Feb 2024

We popped into the hippest London-style cookie shop in Dublin and here’s what we thought

Katy Thornton

cookie shop dublin cookieboy

We found ourselves standing in a queue at 11am on a Wednesday morning, so we knew the hype was real.

Dublin loves a trend, as we know. Burritos, doughnuts, chicken wangs, small plates – we’re always ready to hop on the hot sauce laden bandwagon, whether it’s for burgers, or dumplings, froyo, or pastel de natas.

This time it’s cookies we’re leaning into full force, the style of which seem more reminiscent of something you’d find stomping around Camden Market in London, or amongst the throng of New Yorkers outside Levain bakery, than on Stephen’s Street in Dublin, but hey, he’s here, and he’s perfect.

Cookieboy launched earlier this month, and has already gone viral on the likes of TikTok and Instagram, with reams and reams of cookies being broken in slow mo flooding our feeds, and inducing cookie cravings unlike any we’ve had since M&S started selling their famous chocolate chip boiis.

cookie shop dublin cookieboy

Finally we could take it no more, adorning jackets with brollies in hand, and headed down to Stephen’s Street to check out the famous Cookieboy, a name we think Kevin from The Office would think up if he ever opened his own shop.

We rocked up at 11am on Wednesday, recognising it before we even spied the shop window due to the queue of people anxiously formed, a sight normally reserved on this street at lunchtime or early evening coming out of Bambino. We joined in behind, catching our first glimpse of the space, hardly bigger than 15m², with two premium people-watching seats already occupied by a lucky pair, a space as coveted as a booking at Grano, or a seat on the Luas in rush hour.

The bevvies

Simple and to the point, Cookieboy serves cookies and coffee and for such a niche spot, we’re surprised the cost of an americano isn’t through the roof and approaching the dreaded €4 territory (sure pints do be costing a tenner in some places nowadays) instead pleasantly coming in at just €2.50 a cup. For milky guys and gals, your latte is just €3.20, the price of most americanos these days.

The cookies

They had six cookie variations on offer, varying between €4 and €5. It was no easy task choosing, and once we were asked what we wanted, the ever-growing urge to shout, “We’ll take the lot” Harry Potter style was almost impossible to crush down. After much discussion, we did what anyone would do – picked the ones that would best in a pic.

cookie shop dublin cookieboy

First up it was the blueberry cheesecake cookie – not a flavour you’re likely to find everyday, which is naturally why we had to have it. Gooey in the middle, atop hardened cookie dough which softens the deeper you bite in, this was absolutely the star of the show, our top recommendation if you’re venturing over. Whether they are still serving the strawberry sister of this cookie, we’re not sure – it wasn’t on offer when we visited, but I’d definitely be down to return to try it out if it’s as good as the blueb one.

Blueberry cheesecake, €4.50

Next we delved into the double chocolate s’more – a more-ish kinda cookie that almost has a muffin consistency on the inside, and tastes exactly like a bourbon biscuit. Tasty to be sure, definitely one for the dessert heads amongst us which we’re sure there are many, but our hearts are definitely with the cheesecake number, due to uniqueness and also just how dreamy it was.

cookie shop dublin
Double chocolate s’more, €4.50

If you’re wondering if Cookieboy is worth the hype, we’ve got to give it a big thumbs up – it’s a nice change from the endless doughnut shops, and while the price-point is admittedly spenny enough for a cookie, we can guarantee it’s not a cookie you’re going to find elsewhere in the city, in flavours or in texture. Maybe if you hop on a plane over to the UK or US you might find something comparable, but in Dublin, these have got to be the best cookies in town, and we urge you to try them out for yourself. We’re definitely going back for the white chocolate, matcha, and macadamia at our earliest convenience.

Sadly for those who don’t like Mondays, Cookieboy is in the same boat and doesn’t open at the beginning of the week, but you will find their doors wide open and welcoming between Tuesday and Friday from 8:30, Saturdays from 9:30, and Sundays from 10:00. As for closing time, it’s listed as between 17:00 and 17:30 depending on the day, but they shut up shop as soon as they sell out and we doubt they’ve made it to their closing hours yet, so high is the demand.

Keep up with any new flavours and all things Cookieboy here.


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