11 Ingenious Ways To Wake Up In The Morning

Just what you need on a Monday


You’ve heard the obvious tips and tricks for getting out of bed in the morning – going to sleep earlier, staying hydrated, doing yoga, and so on, and so forth. 

The truth is that these things are much more easily said than done – and if you really want to enforce a bit of discipline on yourself, you may have to follow some slightly more unorthodox tricks…

1. Alarm clock on wheels

Oh you may laugh, but we’re deadly serious. The Clocky Alarm Clock doesn’t just make a noise, but it races around the floor of your bedroom and gets progressively louder the longer you wait to intervene. If you value your relationship with your roommates, you will get up.

Clocky almond panorama1680

2. Get a dog

Who needs an alarm clock on wheels when you could have an insanely cute pair of eyes staring you in the face every morning, full of love, hunger and an urge to pee somewhere other than your carpet. Could you really deny that little face?

cute dog wallpaper for desktop

3. Book a gym class

Preferably with some sort of drill sergeant-type fitness instructor, who will not only ring you if you fail to show up, but will actually come to your workplace and humiliate you in person.


4. Buy your neighbour’s kid a drum kit

The parents will hate you forever, and you may end up hating yourself at times, but try sleeping in beyond 7am now!

Note: If the kid clearly isn’t cool enough to play drums, consider a trumpet.


5. Text someone you fancy the night before then leave your phone in the other room

The suspense will get to you, and you’ll be out of bed the second your eyes open to see if they’ve responded.

That is if you manage to get to sleep at all, of course.


6. Switch on the heating to full blast

One of the main reasons we dwell beneath the covers is because it’s warm inside and cold outside – so surely the reverse should also be true? Stick the heating timer on to full blast, and by the time your alarm goes off you’ll be gasping to get out of that mini-greenhouse.

Not the most eco-friendly solution, perhaps, but if it works it works…

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7. Choose your alarm clock tune wisely

We challenge you not to be immediately perked up and ready to face the day upon waking to Mark McCabe’s Maniac 2000.

8. Put your router on a timer switch at night

Kiss goodbye to late-night Netflix marathons by setting your router to switch off every night at 10.30pm. Any old timer socket will do, and the boredom will ensure you’re in the land of nod within minutes.
no-connection o 1216009

9. Move into a dodgy apartment

A bit extreme, perhaps, but nothing will motivate you out of bed quite like a desire to get the hell out of that hole.


10. Pay your roommate to throw water over you

If all else fails, your roommate will probably be happy to oblige here – particularly if you tried using the wheely alarm clock, and just let it run around the room for 40 minutes every morning.


11. Get a coffee

Okay, this sounds super obvious – but if you condition yourself to think of coffee the moment you wake every morning, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to spring out of bed, knowing that the sweet nectar of caffienated goodness is but an hour away.

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan