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20th Dec 2016

The 11 Best Places In Dublin To Get A Hot Chocolate


It’s another miserable day out there, yet there is one benefit to all those cold faces and wet feet – you’ve the perfect excuse for a tall cup of delicious hot chocolate.

When it comes to warm chocolatey goodness, we don’t mess around – much like the rest of the population. So here are 11 of the very best spots in Dublin to satisfy that yearning.

You’re welcome.

11. Carluccio’s

The most sophisticated of the bunch, Carluccio’s hot chocolate comes made of half hot milk and half thick chocolate that you mix by hand yourself. For a spot that revels in sweet treats and meringues the size of your face, the hot chocolate is surprisingly not too sweet.

Try the Bicherin – coffee, milk and hot chocolate served in little jugs for you to mix to your satisfaction.

10. Butlers

Butlers is kind of a big deal when it comes to hot chocolate.

Not many people are fans of flavoured hot chocolate, like mint or chilli, but these guys do it pretty bloody well – meanwhile, the regular cup is made with their gooey chocolate sauce and hot milk, topped with whipped cream if you so choose.

Their dark variant is the real winner, though, extremely rich, delicious and moreish.


9. Cocoa Atelier

Cocoa Atelier is a chocolatier on Drury Street which boasts, hands down, the best macarons and pralines in the city.

But they particularly shine during the colder months as it’s their rich hot choc that people flock to experience. And an experience it is, made with delicious real chocolate (no sniff of syrup or cocoa powder) with the consistency of rich, melted lovliness.

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8. Brick Alley Café

Known as having one of the best hot chocolate selections in Dublin, Brick Alley is a Temple Bar hot spot with banging 80’s music playing constantly.

And most importantly, the product itself is sublime.

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7. Bean and Goose

Bean and Goose is a company set up by two sisters based in Waterford who have a stall at Temple Bar Market every Saturday, at which they sell their incredible, life-changing hot chocolate.

Our recommendation is the Aztec (€4) which is rich, thick and delicately spiced – with the option to add more spice if you’re feeling it.

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6. KC Peaches

Available all around the city, KC Peaches is playing a blinder for students and professionals alike. Providing all sorts of grub and whopper hot drinks for reasonable prices.

The cup here comes with melted chocolate chips of your choice, along with the option to add a shot of a flavour syrup of your choosing. And then you’ve got the really friendly staff, who actually do all this magical stuff to your beverage. Win.

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5. Accents

Accents is a hidden gem on Stephen’s Street with hot chocolate that deserves to be Dublin-famous.

Upon ordering, you get a choice of white, milk or dark (or a mixture of all three). You’re then presented with a mug of hot milk and you have the choice to pour in however many choc chips you see fit.

Also, downstairs has super comfy couches and beanbags. Dreamy.


4. Clement & Pekoe

A crowd favourite.

Clement & Pekoe are well known for having some of the best cappuccinos and flat whites in the city, but it’s their hot chocolate that really steals the show – you receive at your table a cup of hot milk, and a lollipop of their finest, and insanely delicious, chocolate mix to swirl around until it’s just how you like it.



3. The Pepper Pot

The Pepper Pot has had a cracker of a year, becoming a real Dublin favourite – not only because of their delicious, wholesome food, but also because of their ideal location in the Powerscourt Centre.

Their hot chocolate is made with delectable German product, and is the perfect thing to enjoy after their best seller roasted pear and bacon sandwich.


2. The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing is technically a coffee shop on Bachelor’s Walk – even though it’s so much more than just coffee – that frequently causes quite a stir for their ‘out-there’ flavours.

If you want to try the best, order ‘The Sweetest Thing’ chocolate and you will not be disappointed.

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1. Brother Hubbard / Sister Sadie

If you find yourself searching high and low for hot chocolate that could change your life for the better, then your quest has stopped my friend.

Brother Hubbard and Sister Sadie, have gone and won full marks for most chocolate-y hot chocolate in both North and South Dublin – offering something that manages to be super-rich while not overly sweet, a perfect balance.

It’s served with a little jug of hot chocolate milk, and a mug of thick rich liquid chocolate which you mix yourself, sip and fall for. A deserved winner for sure.


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