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08th Mar 2018

12 Of The Weirdest Pizzas From Around The World


Mmm, pizza.

We’ve probably all heard about the famous Pizza Hut hot-dog-stuffed variety, but what other bizarre toppings are making their way across the world? Let’s have a look.

12. Cheesecake sand pizza

Not sand as in from a beach, but almost as bad: sand as in short for sandwich. This pizza has shrimp, peppers, onion and a cheesecake filling, and was invented in Korea.

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11. Saddle of wild boar

Not totally off the wall, but where do you get wild boar in Dublin? Maybe better not to ask Millers Pizza Kitchens, but either way, “roast saddle of Wild Boar with grain mustard and paprika, char-roasted peppers, artichokes, roast garlic, red onions and finished with rocket and Parmesan salad, toasted pine nuts and quail eggs” sounds pretty amazing.

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10. Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger

Bacon and cheese on a pizza is one thing, a giant burger with pizza bases instead of buns is quite another. Created originally as a Super Bowl snack apparently (and unsurprisingly!).


9. Peanut Butter and Jelly (AKA Jam)

What makes a good sandwich, probably makes a good pizza, right?

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8. Squid Ink and Shrimp

This actually sounds kind of nice. Squid ink replaces tomato sauce, adding a really unusual salty-sweet umami vibe, though it will probably stain your mouth. A Japanese concoction.


7. McDonald’s Pizza

Just like the Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger, this can only be American, though it’s so bad it can only be a joke. Chips, chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers…on a pizza. Shudder. How dare they not cover the whole thing in cheese?


6. Mizza

This one’s just like any normal pizza really, except with a rice base. Flatbread on the bottom, a layer of flavoured rice, then any standard pizza toppings. Sounds more like a rice pie than a true pizza though.


5. Banana Curry Pizza

Turning back to Europe for this Swedish madness: curried banana and pineapple, sounds so grotesque it just might work.

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4. Full English Breakfast

The UK version of the McDonald’s Pizza, a full English on a pizza, including fried eggs, rashers, sausages, puddings, even beans. The only thing not piled on is the toast and tea, but I’m sure they’d be willing to try if you asked.

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3. All Things Poisonous

Yes you read that right – spiders, snakes and scorpions, from a Zurich chef on a crusade to both cure people of arachnophobia, and simultaneously make a point about preservatives being the real poison. Unfortunately you can’t actually eat this one as it has been banned by health authorities, unless you make it at home, but that’s not something we advise.

unnamed-3 1

2. lil ver 1.2:

The name doesn’t give away much but this Skinflint Dublin pizza has Boyne blue cheese, golden raisins, pickle, parsley, peaches and cream. Weird? Amazing? We just can’t tell.

unnamed-4 2

1. Korean Blueberries and Ranch sauce

Back to Korea, who could easily populate this entire list with their pizza toppings. Oh blueberry pizza? Lovely, it must be a dessert pizza. Oh, wow, with ranch sauce.. Okay!

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Are there any weird ones we’ve yet to discover? Or do you have a particularly bizarre combo you like to make at home? Let us know in the comments.

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