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20th Mar 2018

14 Unforgivable Sins All Dublin People Know To Be True


Dublin, much like every other major city, has its quirks and attributes.

It has the little things that make Dublin Dublin, and things that only the inhabitants understand, like the rules of the city.

That’s not to say that there’s a rulebook you can consult about our beloved city, rather that there are a set of unwritten rules that we all know to abide by lest we be exiled from the city.

So whether you’re a newcomer or oldie who needs to brush up on their Dublin skills, have a read through of the ultimate sins you can commit in Dublin’s fair city:

1. Thou shalt not violate Molly Malone

She is our gal, our national treasure, who deserves more than drunken tourists singing around her.

2. Thou shalt not walk in the cycle lane

Unless you have nerves of steel to deal with being shouted at half seven in the morning. Respect the bikes, yo.

3. Thou shalt not desecrate our sacred canal

Cans? Love them. Big bag of the aforementioned? Love them even more.

Leaving the canal in a state after several big bags? Not cool.

4. Thou shalt not slow walk

Perhaps one of the gravest sins of all. Don’t, for the love of God, go for a leisurely stroll at rush hour. 

Just don’t.

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5. Thou shalt not skip the Dublin bike queue

Don’t be that person.

6. Thou shalt not use the public transport to travel one stop

If you are only going one stop, get off the bus and walk t’fuck.

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7. Thou shalt not feed the seagulls

Betrayal, if I ever saw it.

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8. Thou shalt not buy a chicken fillet roll without availing of the meal deal

Eating a chicken fillet roll without a pack of Tayto and a can of Diet Coke? You monster.

9. Thou shalt not confuse the North and South side

Know your side, and know it well. 

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10. Thou shalt not speak ill of Michael D

He is an angel amongst us mere mortals.

11. Thou shalt not stop for a picture on Ha’Penny Bridge

And thus making everyone stop and bump into each other. 

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12. Thou shalt not listen to U2

Except with a pint your hand.

13. Thou shalt not frequent Charlie’s in the daylight

Do they even open in the sober hours?

14. Thou shalt not scare the deers in the park

The park is their home, you mongrel. Leave them alone.

Deers; ily.

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