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18 Things You’ll Have Heard If You're The Child Of A Primary School Teacher

By katedemolder

January 24, 2017 at 3:20pm


Ahhh, primary school teachers. 

The rearers of our youth, the deciders of school tours, and the literary guides of our young lives. But what if your parent or guardian was a primary school teacher...

Does the teaching ever stop?

Does the fun ever stop?

Do they call them Miss at home too???

Find the answer of these questions and many, many more below.

1. Grammar corrections is a staple factor in your everyday conversation


2. The end-of-year presents for your teacher were ALWAYS whopper

Toby Bow14 1

Photo cred: The Feed Blog

3. Your parents knew your teachers somehow because ALL PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS KNOW EACH OTHER

200 2

4. You notice them suddenly buying a load of tea-towels around December


Photo cred: While Shephards Watched

5. Meeting your parent's students outside of school makes you feel awful and weird

''Is my mum nice? Please say she's nice''


6. You've heard ''you'll be better before you get married'' maybe 80,000 times


7. Your packed lunches were organised and frozen for months at a time

Mmm, ice. 


Photo cred: Imgur

8. You were never, ever allowed side schoolbags

Your tiny, frail back couldn't carry it for love nor money. 

Fresh Side Shoulder Bags For Teenage Girls With Pictures Of Shoulder Bags Styles Latest On Ideas

Photo cred:

9. Chalk riddled their clothes, your clothes, your washing, the front door and even the dog

Adyi R8U

Photo cred: Reddit

10. They always smelled like either books, Marla, PVA Glue or poster paint

Img2 Thejournal

Photo cred: Flickr

11. Your homework was checked religiously every evening

No wiggle room. None. 

Father Doing Homework For Daughter

Photo cred: Family Field Guide

12. The one time of the year your parent gave you $$$ for school? The School Book Fair 

Practically wetting themselves at the fact that you'd any interest in literature


13. There were at least five Siamsas in your home at any given time 

Christmas Annual Mobile 2

Photo cred: The Sliced Pan

14. They SWORE they knew someone who either swung too far back on their chair and cracked their skull, or had hoop earring related accidents

200 1

15. Most, if not all, of your presents in life were books

200 2

16. All your books were handed down to bits thanks to aforementioned Teachers Network

Busy At Maths 2 390X516

17. There would always be someone in your house singing an Alive-O tune

So damn catchy. 

18. And finally, there was never a moment where Billy Roll wasn't in your fridge

You swear your dad had grew it in the back garden.

Sc Skye Billy Bear Sausage2

Photo cred: Photobucket

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