21 Photos Of Ireland Shot From The Air That Will Blow Your Mind

By niallharbison

July 21, 2017 at 6:58am


The Irish Air Corps go to great lengths to protect and serve this country, but not everyone's aware of them.

They've been extremely active in the last few years on Facebook, photographing our island and the world beyond, and we'd encourage you to have a look through their page.

As a special tribute to them, and to show off the wonderful country we live in from a completely different angle, we thought we'd show you 21 of their very best pictures in their full glory...

1. A gorgeous view as the crew circle over the seaside Dublin town of Dun Laoghaire

2. Distant rainfall way out West in county Mayo

3. A sperm wale they spotted 150 miles off the Donegal coast

4. Coming into the capital with a serious view

5. The old Lighthouse on Inishmore, standing 400 ft high on the Aran Islands

6. Dingle. Can you spot Fungi?

7. A totally different perspective on Cork

8. The tiny island of Tory off the coast of Donegal, who are known for electing their own 'King'

9. The gorgeous Cliffs Of Moher seen from an entirely new angle

10. The busy Docklands in Dublin. The real heart of the city's commerce

11. The absolutely stunning Lough Tay in Wicklow

12. Checking out the Northern coast around Antrim, which is home to the Giant's Causeway

13. Checking in to make sure Croker is safe

14. Trinity College and all the town's busy people looking like ants

15. And the nearby and equally beautiful St Stephen's Green

16. The lighthouse and golf course at Kinsale

17. A huge seal colony chilling out on the beach in Wicklow

18. A ship having a rough ride on the West Coast Of Ireland

19. A very wintery papal cross up in Phoenix Park

20. Dublin on a beautiful clear summer's day

21. A tourist's dream at Great Blasket Island

Of course, the Air Corps don't just take pretty pictures

They also do lots of very serious, and often dangerous, work to protect and serve us all, as you can see below. Well done to everyone involved.

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