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35 Perfect Stocking Fillers You Can Buy In Tiger Right Now

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


What did we do for presents before Tiger?

Who bloody knows. The Scandinavian haven provides us with endless joy and entertainment, and presents for every possible occasion ever. 

It also manufactures gifts for literally ever person ever born. Which is beyond helpful. 

Oh, Tiger. We are not worthy. 

1. This super cool LED board

Perfect for writing messages to people who are irking you. 

E1Fa4A83 Bc06 464E Ab5F Bdeca7122C70

2. This remote control car

Not just for kids.

Ef7C2A40 2626 4Ed2 84F8 4F120Ad93357

3. This mini sweetshop

The gift you never knew you needed, until now. 

1525A99D Eac0 4A20 Aa3F B171273D7B7B

4. A bubble machine

We all have a friend who loves bubbles. 

9111852D 5760 4A9B 915D Ed7D49F0Ff6A


'nuff said.

118C0B25 7078 475B 9126 Af882F08Faf5

6. A real life lava lamp

Just to confirm that 2016 is basically just a redo of the 90s. 

F0Ebaaa6 9010 492A 8544 Aeb8Ba0F3923

7. This air hockey table

Perfect for Christmas day tomfoolery. 

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8. A fucking DRONE

Adulthood, done right. 

7D0Fccfe 0963 4F60 A9B2 E82Fe31Dab26

9. This slick microscope

We also all have a science-loving mate. This would be perrrrfect. 

62019149 C966 4Ced 819B F4118Dd590Fc

10. A glitter lamp

For those keen on the lava lamp trend, but who are a bit more sparkly. 

E4F463D0 C5F6 499D B387 5Fb786D98E11

11. These lamps

Remember these?! 

Lamp it int'ya.

37E9848F 05Fe 43De Bcd8 B92Bafa8148A

12. This trendy teapot


B989F385 03F9 4B94 A041 Ab164Dca915C

13. This deadly cocktail and shaker set

Got a friend who loves booze? Course you do. 

47754430 Ff35 4F7A Bcc3 39A5Bc10C288

14. This bathroom fishing pond

A kris kindle gift if we've ever seen one. 

Ab59Ce0E 0C3A 4741 A187 D268F712Ef8B

15. These gorge photo frames

For a friend who loves taking photos and decorating. These are beaut. 

B0De7231 Aa05 4Bcd 9D7F C672448C7A9E

16. A zebra onesie 

We don't leave home without one. 

778Ecc03 6715 4B58 B45F 0C076B3B3Aca

17. Hedgehog slippers

Who doesn't love slippers?

2A48C2Cb A49D 4D9C 898C 4F8597E26Cb0

18. These beauuuutiful jewellery boxes

They're so great in person, and look super expensive. 

7421A0Ba D6Df 48Da 94Fd 7934Ed3C3Ef8

19. Records for days

A genuinely cool gift, and much cheaper than you'd find anywhere else. 

7B581A3A 15F1 41F3 Aa0F 8B87Aa573E9E

20. This foot callus

For the minger in your life. 

6Cedd0Cd De42 4A4F 8Eea 46Ac6508Dfe7

21. This slumber blanket with sleeves

Our Christmas day outfit. 

F2C8Db47 De4E 4Ada A179 B24382Ee59C1

22. This Christmas tree hat

Ho, ho, ho. 

54B772E5 6199 41Eb A7A0 B9546E663Fcc

23. This knitting set

Become more zen and creative in 2017. 

1Afbdc2D 13C7 42Aa 8156 D471Ee6Fe9Ba

24. A DIY paint mug

Because nothing's more fun than making your own present. 

4001Bb76 Fa61 41C5 Bde9 25Ea9F7A629F

25. These 2017 planners

So, so nice. Perfect for anyone. 

B89Cffb2 8188 472D 82Ce De0C433Bb6F5

26. This beaut paint kit

So dreamy. 

7C581B2E F3F8 4E66 8832 5A6Bc5503Cc5

27. These massive playing cards

They boast a whole range of huge playing cards. The more ridiculous, the better. 

A5A8A9Ca 0864 4272 Ae8F 0Ec9D657Cc4D

28. This potato clock

Is there anything potatoes can't do?

Ba515809 8C2A 4Ff0 8A9A 6542Edda05B9

29. This trophy

For all of your annoying friends who boast about their achievements. Here's a trophy to give them. 

D3Efa678 3E66 45Dd A27F D8E8F4F8D36F

30. This fingerprint kit

All y'all CSI hounds out there - this is for you. 

Cf2De3Ea Bd25 44D7 96Af A590647C7C32

31. Robot alarm clock

For that friend who's always, always late. 

De66A95C 674D 42Bc 9F4E 9C93C9D37D06 1

32. Poker chips

Because who doesn't need to lose even more money around Christmas?

48C4A164 3376 4669 96Da 0Dbe14B87Bc9

33. Piggy bank

'Cause we'll all need one come January...

4Fbfb818 4D50 4Fa6 A733 1C99F3C313B7

34. A kaleidoscope

9Cdc2E85 B44F 4764 B248 5731F5C68D0E

35. And finally, a bloody TELESCOPE

45Efa219 Ea2E 4467 8216 7Ed6325F7716

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