The Anatomy Of An Average Spring Day In Dublin

Spring has well and truly sprung


Dublin in the spring is a thing of beauty. 

The sun starts to shine off the Liffey once again, coats are shed as the temperatures climb back up into the teens (admittedly a ways off yet), and tourists scream at passers-by from their Viking Splash Tour buses with a renewed, sun-fueled vigor.

But, as newcomers and visitors constantly ask, what exactly does a spring day in Dublin look like? Well, on average, it looks a bit like this...

7:30 AM: You wake up. Light is streaming in through the window. Birds are chirping. What a world!

Glorious Morning

8:15 AM: You emerge from the shower and notice that it's begun to rain. You check the weather forecast on your phone. It claims that the current weather is 15 degrees and sunny. You pause to marvel at the meteorological wonders of modern technology.

Already Raining

9:00 AM: You arrive at work with shoes just wet enough that they’ll bother you all morning, and possibly put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

unnamed 4

12:45 PM: A glance out the window on your way to the printer reveals that the sun has come out. Whatever you have in the printer can wait, because you have developed an immediate need to go to lunch.


1:10 PM: Lunch in hand, you decide two things: you're going to use this great natural lighting to post the perfect picture of your meal on Instagram (#foodintheair!), and you're going to eat outside.

1:11 PM: You realise that you've once again gotten an entirely green salad from Chopped for lunch and that no one wants to see a picture of this. You resolve to start eating more interesting food.


1:15 PM: The light breeze you’ve been enjoying starts to pick up steam. Your hair threatens to blow into your face, but that’s, like, a look, right? Models look great with their hair blowing in the wind, like, all the time. You can totally rock this.


1:16 PM: It turns out you cannot rock this.

unnamed-1 4

2:00 PM: Back in the office, you notice that a group of guys from the neighbouring office have been outside on a 'smoke break' for the past 50 minutes. You decide you hate your neighbours.


2:05 PM: Though the sun is still shining, it starts to rain again. Your neighbours are all sent running, and you don’t feel bad. As soon as they are all safely indoors, the rain stops again. You laugh.

5:00 PM: Obviously, you head to your nearest beer garden for a few after work scoops. Your view this time certainly calls for an Instagram. You wonder why your post is taking so long to upload.


5:03 PM: The post uploads at last, and you see why: every single person in Dublin has posted on Instagram about the sun in the last hour.


6:50 PM: On your way home, you spot a sunset like this. Your struggles to fight the wind and filter your day properly? Worth it.

Main pic: Kevin Colfer/Instagram.

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Written By

Sarah Cahalan