Burger King's 'Halloween Burger' Is Having A Very Unusual Effect On Those Who Eat It

"The spookiest thing about Burger King's new Halloween Whopper? There's the very real chance it will turn your poop neon green."


Well, this is an interesting side effect.

Burger King have released a 'Halloween Burger' to celebrate the impending scary season, it's pretty much the same as your standard Whopper, except it's dark green (because dying things green is now considered a great way to mark both Halloween and Paddy's Day).

Anyway, it appears that customers who've tried the limited edition burger have noted quite an unusual (ghoulish, even) side effect: it turns your poo green. Yeah.

Check it out.

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While some people are enraged, others are just happy about the birth of truly great hashtag.

Lol forever indeed.

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