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20th Dec 2016

Capital Collective: What Would You Do If You Were Invisible For A Day?


This week photographer Derek Kennedy put the question to our fellow Dubliners, “if you were invisible for a day, what is the first thing that you would do?”

I like Dearbhla’s answer the best, but if it was me I’d probably end up a jewel thief by the end of the day. Have a read on below to see what everyone else answered…

Martin Reaney, 42, Isle of Man.

I am very stressed at the moment, so if I was invisible for a day I would do nothing other than get some rest, as I would be able to avoid people.


Bruna Walleska, 27, Brazil.

I would like to go inside the Vatican to see what they really talk about and what they actually do.


Barry Stephens, 31, Sutton.

Broke, don’t want to hurt anyone, but would rob a bank and dodge you, so I wouldn’t have to answer questions like this!


Bebhinn McInerney, 24, Dublin.

I would steal all the expensive cloths and jewellery that I can’t afford and freak people out in the hotel I work in, which we already believe is haunted.


Dearbhla Kelly, 24, Monaghan.

If it was a sunny day, I’d go for a short walk absolutely naked, try to freak people out by going into shops and moving stuff as if it was flying around the place, burst into song in mostly empty places and just some regular casual ghostly stuff. It would be a fun day!


If you possessed the super power of invisibility for a day, what is the first thing you would do?