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20th Dec 2016

Capital Collective – When Did You Last Feel Most Alive?


This week we wanted to know when was the last time you felt alive? Derek Kennedy took to the streets to ask the people in the city he came across when the last time they felt alive was.

Greg Dorney, 30, Kill, Co. Kildare

When I was in Sicily just last week and was on top of an active volcano.


Ciaran Dorney, 27, Kill, Co. Kildare

I’ve been trying to get fit and healthy lately and I’m currently training for a triathlon, so I’m feeling pretty alive right now.


Ciara Kirwan, 20, Dún Laoghaire

Sleeping in a tent on the beach for a month saving baby turtles, an amazing experience!


Marie Scally, 44, North Dublin

When I got coffee for €1 in Dublin City today, it’s the little things. 


Matthew Smyth, 23, Marino

4 months ago when my girlfriend and I were in hospital for our baby’s second scan, we heard our child’s heartbeat for the first

time and all my problems and worries just disappeared. Only people who have experienced this will understand what I mean.

The nurse said the baby had 10 toes and 10 fingers and that it was going to be a boy, an amazing moment!