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26th Dec 2016

8 Epic Sandwiches To Make With Your Leftovers


It’s the same every year – our collective excitement as a nation for the best dinner of the year encapsulates us and our eyes are far bigger than our bellies.

But, if anything, this is the time we must put the most inspired phrase of our forefathers to good use: ‘waste not, want not’.

Here’s some inspiration to help you along the way – and be sure to check out our The Ultimate Top 5 Christmas Leftover Sandwiches too!

1. Avo all day

A turkey sambo to make your friends jealous.

Thinly sliced turkey, white cheddar cheese, big beefsteak tomatoes, rocket, avocado, basil mayo and ciabatta bread.

Recipe: Turkey Sandwiches

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2. Too Hot, Too Spicy

A classic with a kick.

Turkey laden with cayenne pepper sauce (or Frank’s Hot Sauce to those in the know) with rocket, caramelised onion and goat’s cheese.

Recipe: Turkey Sandwiches

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3. New York Deli Style

Toasted poppy seed bagel, loads of turkey slices, red onion, iceberg lettuce and a generous helping of BOTH mustard and mayonnaise. Enjoy.

Recipe: Turkey Sandwiches

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4. Rye, rye, rye Delilah

Equal parts turkey and roast beef with Monterey Jack cheese, a generous dollop of horseradish sauce, as well as sriracha, on toasted rye bread.

Recipe: Turkey Sandwiches

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5. Olive turkey

Turkey slices paired with pepperjack cheese with pickled gherkins and onions (trust us) paired with black olives on ciabatta bread.

Recipe: Turkey Sandwiches

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6. Go Greek

To use up all those little salad-y bits you said you were going to eat instead of crisps, but you didn’t.

Greek olives and feta cheese turkey on pretzel bread.

Recipe: Turkey Sandwiches

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7. Cos, why not?

Turkey, mayo, tomatoes, cos lettuce on rye bread. Simple, yet effective.

Recipe: Turkey Sandwiches

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8. The Classic

Batch bread, cos lettuce, crispy bacon, mayonnaise, lashings of cranberry sauce and stuffing. Add a dash of sea salt and come cracked black pepper and you’ve got yourself a sandwich.

All aboard the flavour train.

Recipe: Leftover Turkey Sandwiches

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