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20th Dec 2016

Film Pick: Here’s What’s On Today, December 26


Nothing goes better with a turkey sambo than a good film – and all the better if it’s on terrestrial television.

And so, we’ve picked out some of the best ones on offer today…

Ghostbusters II

11.00am, Comedy Central

Nothing says Christmas like a river of pink slime

12  Ghostbusters

Despicable Me

1.30pm, RTE One

Anyone with kids will probably be thoroughly sick of all things Minion by Stephen’s Day, but Despicable Me is still a pretty great flick – and a perfect one to keep the sugared-up littles ones quiet for a while.

13 Despicable

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

5pm, RTE One

Because it’s going to be a long evening. Break for RTÉ News included: loved almost as much as the Angelus.

14 Hobbit


9pm, ITV4

You probably didn’t appreciate the combo that is young Alec Baldwin and Michael Keaton first time round: take the opportunity to revel in its madness.

15 Beetlejuice