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20th Dec 2016

Great News For Instagram Creepers! This New App Prevents The Accidental Double-Tap


We’ve all been there: hungover in bed scrolling through your ex’s Instagram, your hand slips and BAM you’ve just liked a photo from their family holiday in Majorca back in 2011.

Are they on their phone right now?

Did they get the notification?

Do they think I’m an even bigger creep than before the break up?


I wonder how much flights to Bermuda would be if i left in, like, the next 2 hours…?


So naturally we were only delira to discover that there’s now an app that allows you to delve into the murky depths of someone’s Instagram without ever incriminating yourself as King or Queen Of The Creeps.

Enter, Instasnoop, an app invented by model, Olivia Orchowski who came up with the idea when having a little creep on her ex’s new girlfriend.

Not only is the double tap to like function disabled in the app, but you can also zoom in on photos AND create a list of peeps you don’t follow but like to check up on every now and then.

tumblr inline mphbayIhNl1qz4rgp

Creepin’ it real!