Great News For Ireland – Stats Have Shown We're A Nation In Love With Life

And don't we just?

A survey released yesterday has found that 75% of Irish adults consider themselves highly satisfied with their lives.

The survey was conducted by the Central Statistics Office, as part of its Quarterly National Household Survey on volunteering and wellbeing.

The study showed that four out of every five adults viewed the things that they did in their lives as worthwhile. When asked to rate their overall ‘life satisfaction,' 76.3% of all adults aged 16 and over rated it as ‘high’ to ‘very high.'

Apparently, the most content age groups are aged 16 – 19 and 60 plus, with almost 40% of those aged 75 or more rating their life satisfaction as ‘very high.'

However, despite the largely positive findings of the survey, it also found that 15% of Irish adults state they have trouble with anxiety. If anxiety is something that affects you or someone you care about, find help by calling Aware at 01 661 7211 or visit their website here.

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