Guinness Ice Cream Floats Are Now A Thing And We're Freaking Out

Feeling a little Iron deficient?


Are you a sweet-tooth as well as a sesh hound? Perhaps you're craving a dessert with a kick? Or maybe you only have the time to have one pint OR one dessert and you're torn between the two?!

Don't fret. Guinness ice-cream floats are the ones for you. And for everyone, frankly.

While Guinness have already marketed the shit out of themselves (see below: Guinness crisps, Guinness Easter eggs and Guinness marmite) The Black Stuff has now successfully targeted the ice cream industry with stout sundaes available all around the globe.

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Marmite-Guinness edition

Our friends across the pond seem to think that this tasty treat is the ideal tipple for everyone's favourite boozy holiday, St Patrick's Day, but we think it would go down just delightfully over a cold, Christmas evening when you and a few mates decide to stay rather than go out.

The two main ingredients are ice-cream and, of course, Guinness, but we found the float benefitted from a little extra sweetness to balance the bitterness of the pint, whether from chocolate, syrup or a shot of Baileys.

Below is a video of how to make said full-flavoured beverage – do with this sacred information what you will.

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Kate Demolder

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