Help To Transform Our City With A Brilliant New Website Called Reusing Dublin

They're finding all the capital's unused spaces


A new website is trying to map vacant spaces around Dublin in order to put them to some use.

Reusing Dublin asks its users to share information about the location of the capital's unused spaces in order to identify opportunities for using the city more efficiently for the benefit of the entire community.

How it works is simple: using the site's map (which you can find here), a user can discover or add information about any underused sites they have noticed. Simply click 'add a site' to insert a new location on the map, share your information about the unused space, and connect with others who might be interested in putting the site to better use.

You can also alert Reusing Dublin to a location via social media, like in the pictures below.

Underused spaces include sites and buildings that are vacant or that are only partly in use. It also includes spaces that may have a use, like a roof or a grassed area, but that could accommodate additional uses.

Re-using Dublin is an experimental research project that is part of a wider EU project called TURAS (Transitioning towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability). If you know of any unused sites in Dublin and wish to contribute to the project, click here.

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