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21st Jan 2020

Learning the saxophone in just 10 weeks… This was day one

Alan Fisher

They say that learning the saxophone is difficult…

Yeah, so new year, new me and I’ve given myself a 10-week challenge of learning the saxophone before using what I’ve learned to busk on Grafton Street.

I’ve always wanted to play an instrument but my God, it’s easy to put off.

I tried to play guitar when I was younger until I broke my arm and was left with a few numb fingers. This really put me off ever trying again but I still wanted to have this skill in my arsenal.

So after a couple of years saying I wanted to learn the saxophone, I made it my mission for 2020.

From this, I contacted Waltons and got set up completely. I got the sax from their shop in Blanchardstown and started my lessons in their school on George’s Street.

Sure, take a look at how day one went:

First and foremost, the state of me trying to blow into that thing for the first time. Good God, it was bad.

Anyway, as you can see, this is way bloody harder than I ever could have imagined.

Like just trying to make a sound come out was difficult. Why, oh why did I not pick something that I just use my hands for like a piano or guitar?

I really want to be able to busk on Grafton Street at the end of this 10-week challenge but my teacher said that it may be hard… but “not impossible”.

I’m clinging to that “not impossible” and keeping my spirits up though. I’m going to try to practice daily until then.

Surely I will learn enough for a little song in 70 days, won’t I?

The point of this is to show that you can pick up an instrument or hobby or anything you may always put off, and while it may be difficult at the start, your future self will be grateful for you putting in a bit of work now.

So I better set a good example.

I’m going to get my head down now but I will be back in touch at the halfway point to show you my progress and hopefully, there will be some improvement.

Fingers crossed.

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