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20th Dec 2016

One Irish Man Tried To Escape The Gardaí – By Stripping And Smearing Himself In Butter


The Tralee Circuit Criminal Court have just adjourned the case of a man who tried to resist arrest by removing his clothes and smearing himself in butter.

The two gardaí who attempted the arrest had received word of a domestic disturbance at the house of Mr Michael Rooney at his home in Listowel on October 20 last year. Mr Rooney, who lives with his girlfriend and two sons, had reportedly smashed two televisions in an intoxicated rage.

Before the gardaí arrived on the scene, Rooney stripped and covered himself in butter as he claims he’d seen it in a 2008 movie, where a prisoner did it to evade prison guards (the film isn’t specified, but we’re pretty sure the film was Bronson starring Tom Hardy).

Things took a serious turn when Rooney attempted to attack the gardaí with a 14-inch kitchen knife. Luckily, the man was eventually subdued with pepper spray, though the amount of butter on Rooney made him difficult to cuff.

Since the incident, Mr Rooney has written a letter of apology to both the gardaí in question, claiming to be deeply embarrassed by his actions. The case has been adjourned for the next 12 months.

H/T Breaking News.