PIC: The Booking Fees On These U2 Tickets Are Absolutely Extortionate

By katedemolder

January 17, 2017 at 3:19pm


There are a few reasons why we have come to the conclusion that The Boom is most definitely back.

Firstly, it's the omnipresent state of cranes in the city again. 

Secondly, it's that this happened

And thirdly, U2 tickets are going on sale for €1000. Yes, ONE THOUSAND EURO. 

It's absolutely mad, that at a time when rent prices are this crazy, that the Irish band expect their fans to spend what could be a month's salary on a seat for two - three hours of entertainment. 

But aaaaaanyway, what we're here to chat about is the booking fee. And with prices that high, you know the booking fee is going to be chaotic. 

Check this out:

Photo cred: Imgur

The above photo was uploaded to Imgur earlier today, and we're still reeling over it. 

Not cool, U2. Not cool. 

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