Scientists Have Invented A New 'Medicinal' Chocolate That Reduces Your Risk Of A Stroke

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It's the moment chocolate lovers everywhere have been waiting for: there's now a chocolate that's actually healthy.

Kuka Xoco, a Boston based herbal technologies company, claims to have invented 'medicinal' chocolate. The scientists behind this research claim that this new kind of chocolate could be eaten as a medicine.

This chocolate (which is only 35% fat) is rich in antioxidants and minerals that reduce a person’s blood pressure and the risk of a stroke.

There is a slight catch: it tastes extremely bitter and requires fat and sugar to make it actually taste, well, good.

Thankfully, they’re working on a solution to that problem, by using a herb from the Andean region that counteracts the bitter taste, thereby eliminating the need for the chocolate’s unhealthier ingredients.

If this goes into mass production, you might look forward to a day when chocolate actually makes you healthier person.



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