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27th Feb 2018

Show Us Your Bits Katie Parsons


Katie Parsons is a yogi and nutritionist, and more recently a business woman after setting up the Yoga Suppers with Indy Power. Being nosy as ever, we decided to ask Katie to show us her bits. As a clean living and highly organised individual, she has definitely given us some New Year’s inspiration to turn over a new leaf!


“My mind is constantly on the go, so I keep my journal with me at all times to scribble down my ideas and to do lists. It’s nice to have a few coloured pens so I can differentiate between all the crazy notes I end up with when I go back to make sense of them!


“I am an absolute Instagram and Pinterest fiend. No food can be eaten until it has been photographed! It’s a great way to find new places to eat and to get foodie inspiration. Once I leave my house in the morning I am usually out for the day, so I keep a charger with me just in case!


“Preparation is key! I have to be honest, I would usually carry a bigger bag and there would be all sorts of snacks in there. I always carry some sort of nuts or seeds for when I get a bit peckish, it saves me from having to grab something I wouldn’t normally eat. It’s so hard to drink as much water as our body needs us to, especially extra after sweating during exercise or yoga. Coconut water is great for hydration and replacing the electrolytes we lose through sweating. I have a huge collection of Paperchase lunch boxes. On an average day I would have one filled with herbal teas, one filled with almonds and one filled with berries or chopped veggies.”


I feel naked without some sort of lip balm or gloss in my bag, it’s just my thing! I absolutely love Eve Lom products, they are so luxurious. I got a present of their kiss mix and it’s a new favourite of mine. Eight Hour Cream is something I always throw in my bag, it fixes everything from lips and brows to nails.”