So Here's An Idea – This New Start-Up Lets You Pay For Holiday Accommodation With Conversation

We could get behind this

A recently founded start-up is allowing people to avoid holiday expenses by facilitating language practice.

GoCambio, a Cork-based company, allows travellers to find hosts in their destination of choice. Their aim is pretty simple: they want travellers and hosts to save money on food, board and tuition fees while helping them connect with new people and speak a second language like a native.

With no middle-man fees attached, the website is completely free for users. To avail of the service that connects more than 90 countries, a traveller only needs to commit to two hours of language practice a day with their host.

It’s all about connecting people who want to travel with people who have a spare room and a desire to improve their language skills.

Oh… and everyone saves a load of money too.

GoCambio website

While the idea of bunking in a stranger's home is off-putting to some people, GoCambio maintain this is a tried and tested system. However, they do recommend you exercise caution: travel with a friend, check your host's profile and reviews beforehand, even Skype call them in advance.

If this idea has intrigued you, visit the GoCambio website to get involved.

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