Tesco Pulls Old Faves Ribena And Capri-Sun Kid's Cartons As Part Of Health Push

The full sugar versions will be off shelves by the end of summer


Tesco stores across Ireland and the UK are planning to pull full sugar kid's drinks of Ribena and Capri-Suns from their shelves in a bid to reduce childhood obesity.

The chain has just announced that it will be removing a variety of sugary drinks aimed at children at the end of summer. The children's category drinks affected will range from 150ml cartons up to 300ml bottles, however, no-added-sugar versions of the kid's drinks will continue to be sold, as will larger bottles of Ribena that are not immediately ready to drink.

We have an ongoing sugar and salt reduction programme in place that aims to reduce the added sugar and salt in our own labelled foods, particularly in our kid's category drinks, and we are working with our suppliers to introduce a larger range of branded low added sugar or no-added-sugar drinks.

Amanda Farrell, spokesperson for Tesco Ireland

Many appeared cynical on Twitter about Tesco's dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Seems like a decent move – but some of the tweeters raise a valid point. Where do you draw the line?

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