These 7 Pancake Fails Will Make You Feel Good About Your Own Flipping Skills

There's always someone worse off than you...


Oh the things we do for pancakes.

Such is the immense lure of these buttery, battery discs of goodness that we're seemingly prepared to risk everything for them – our dignity, our kitchens, our skin, possibly even the wellbeing of our friends and family – as we step up to the daunting task of flipping them over in the pan.

But let's be honest; how often do we really pull that off with any level of success? Just ask the seven poor unfortunates below...

Don't use a cheap pan

If you're going to use a cheap pan, don't stand right in front of someone else

Quit while you're ahead

Don't do absolutely anything that's done in this video

When things go wrong, improvise

If you haven't yet mastered circular pancakes, resist the urge to attempt butterfly pancakes

And for goodness' sake, know your limits

So reckon you can flip like a pro? Try out one of these delicious pancake recipes.

Or alternatively, if these videos have put the fear of God into you why not head out and grab some pancakes in one of these spots...

Originally published February 2015.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan