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20th Dec 2016

These Tweets From The #HomeToVote Hashtag Will Get You Pumped And Emotional


The time is finally upon us.

After a long, difficult and emotional campaign, the polls are open and the country is voting on a constitutional amendment to allow for same-sex marriage – and there’s a palpable atmosphere of excitement, nervousness and occasion all over Dublin and Ireland as a result.

And while emigration has been a blight upon this land since the recession kicked in some seven years ago, tonight it’s been turned into a positive, as expats from all over the world have traversed air, road and sea to come back and do their bit for Ireland. In doing so, they’ve created a real sense that something special is about to happen in Ireland… and reading through the #hometovote hashtag really does make for emotional reading.

If this doesn’t get you and your mates out to vote, it’s fair to say that nothing will.

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Reading through the hashtag, it was also clear that the trend was having quite the effect on people who didn’t need to do any travelling at all, but who were watching in amazement as the scale of events unfolded before them.

And, of course, the all-important reminder that these expensive flights and arduous treks will amount to nothing if those of us here don’t get up and do our bit while the polls are open…