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20th Dec 2016

26 Things You’ll Experience When You’re On The Job Hunt


Being between jobs is strange place for be.

Sure, everyone complains about their job, but as soon as they’re without it they’re cast adrift. It can be an emotionally turbulent time when you’re trying to get your foot in the door with a new workplace – anybody who’s been job hunting in recent times can testify to that.

Here are 26 things that you experience when you go job hunting these days…

1. You start from a place of bright-eyed optimism, confident in your education and your abilities

You poor, misguided fool.

Job Things

2. But reality soon sets in and you realise this is not as easy as you had anticipated

Dafaq Gif

3. You apply for jobs that you think you’re perfect for and half the time you don’t even get an automatic response

Ross Crying

4. You discover that the application process can be a form of living purgatory


5. You spend most of your time waiting for your inbox to fill up and your phone to ring


6. You apply for jobs from a café just for the excuse to put on some trousers

Work From Cafe

7. You become one of those people who complains about “this fuckin’ country”

Recovery my arse.

Am  I Right

8. You lose track of what day it is and weekends become meaningless

What Year Is It Jumanji

9. Entry level positions seem to require suspiciously non-entry level qualifications


10. You now see your college course for what it really was: a horrific waste of time 


11. You start to seriously question your CV game

Cv Game

“But where am I going wrong?”

12. You hit up old friends who might just happen to have useful contacts 

And it’s entirely transparent. 

Oh Friend

13. Finally something is handed to you on a plate

But it’s a fucking unpaid internship.

Whats Happening

14. You scroll past jobs you see advertised because you’re just too good for them

The very idea is laughable really.


15. Then you scroll back a few minutes later when you realise how truly desperate you’ve become


16. When you finally start getting callbacks, you half-ass your way through interviews for jobs you don’t really want

You’re mainly just showing up for the practice. And the confidence boost. 

Fuck Shit Up

17. When you meet the other applicants going for the job, you learn that competitiveness in the workplace is healthy  

Ill Kill You

18. Interviewers will occasionally ask you absolutely fucking ridiculous questions because they can

“So tell us: how many bowling balls would it take to fill this room?”


19. You’ve practiced your interview spiel so many times that you’ve started to believe your own shite

“Maybe my biggest weakness really is working too hard.”


20. You think you finally have a job in the bag… then you find out someone else got it


21. Understandably, these setbacks are a bit of a blow to your motivation

No Motivation

22. But, eventually, you come to your senses and get back on the horse


23. After all your hard work, you’ll finally get a shot at something you really want and you promise yourself you’re gonna be so fuckin’ prepared for that interview

They’re gonna love you.


24. But then it’s the night before the interview and you haven’t done SHIT


25. But eventually, after many trials and tribulations, you come good and find the decent job you deserve

Praise God

26. Alternatively, you just say fuck this noise and move to Australia or Canada or some shit

Mic Drop

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