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20th Dec 2016

This Tipp Café Put Up A Yes Poster In Its Window – And Got A Seriously Nasty Note In The Post


To look at polling, at commentary on social media and even at the mainstream media, it feels very much like the outcome of the Marriage Equality Referendum is a foregone conclusion.

But despite the Yes campaign’s dominance to date, there’s been no shortage of reminders that the No side won’t give up without a fight – and that every vote will count when the polls open on May 22, particularly in areas outside of the capital.

The latest example is this note received by Country Choice, a café, deli and food shop in Nenagh, Co Tipperary – a pretty shocking threat in response to the seemingly innocuous act of putting up a Yes poster.

The note has received widespread condemnation online – but at times like these it’s important to remember that votes, not tweets, determine the outcome of elections.