14 Unforgettable Irish Ads From The Noughties

By seank

May 23, 2019 at 9:29am


While most of us think of the '90s as our golden years, we really don't give the noughties the due they so rightly deserve.

So to bring you back to that bygone decade, we decided we'd take a look at a few of the best ads from that time. We guarantee there'll be a few blasts from the past...

1. Speaking Irish in a nightclub

One of Carlsberg's more brilliant ads, showing off just how shit the average Irish person is at our native language.

2. Swimming across the Atlantic

This Guinness ad was a double whammy, because it made us love Mic Christopher's 'Hey Day' and a young Michael Fassbender.

3. Taking my 'bits' out

We honestly only understood what this ad actually meant just now – and we're horrified.


4. Hipster culchies

T'was far from skinny lattes they were rared.

5. Tinted moisturiser

You'll never exclaim "Whaaat?!" as well as this kid did.

6. There's always one

This ad definitely inspired a slew of wonderfully original "there's always one!" jokes in your school.

7. "And oh, she was the Sunday in every week"

'The Planter's Daughter' featured in this rather lovely advert from Bord na Mona. Fun fact: Bell X1 named their album 'Music In Mouth' from a line in the poem.


8. The Meteor Genie

Statistically speaking, 90% of you watching this clip will not be able to resist the urge to say "Swah!" at the end.

9. Bertie in the closet

Best place for him.

10. Ireland win the World Cup

Of course, this is an achievement that could only happen in a dream scenario.

11. Terenure!


Lovers of this ad cannot help thinking of it whenever someone drops the T-word.

12. G-g-g-Galway

We can't help but think that if this song was actually in the charts that it really would have been number 1. Ridiculously catchy.

13. "I don't know what a tracker mortgage is"

We still don't.

14. "Is this a date?"

Ten years later and we still don't know if it was a date or not.

Did we miss any classics? Let us know in the comments.


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