We're Never Going To Get Any Work Done Again... Pac-Man Is Coming To Mobile

This changes everything. EVERYTHING.


Oh man, oh man, oh man.

He may not look it, with his vibrant yellow skin and his perfectly toned curves, but Pac-Man turned 35 earlier this week – and fresh off the back of his birthday celebrations, developers Bandai Namco have announced a return on mobile for the legendary character.

Better still, this will be what's called an 'endless runner' – a game that simply continues to run until you're defeated, just like hyper-addictive games such as Flappy Bird, Crossy Road or indeed life itself.

It's slated to be launched during the summer, and we'll keep you posted on release dates. Or we'll try, but get horribly distracted once it actually comes out and never get around to posting the article.

In which case, we're not one bit sorry.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan