What The Hell Is Poutine And Why Is Everybody Going Mental For It?

Canadian fast food has made it to Dublin and it tastes good...

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You've probably heard poutine being mentioned quite a lot recently; it seems everyone has gone a bit mental for what could be a very Irish dish, if the Canadians hadn't come up with it first....

What is it?

Poutine: basically a fancy plate of chips, with cheese curds and a light gravy. In some places it’s also topped by meats or sausages, and of course – it being Canadian – maple syrup.

Why haven’t I heard of it until now?

Poutine is a Canadian dish, and not exactly a delicacy. In fact, it’s fast food of the type served from bad diners and highway rest-stops, and recently taken up by bigger chains like McDonald’s and KFC. But as you’d expect with every wildly popular foodstuffs, there is also a more refined version, which for the past year or so has been busy making its way across the world. You can pick it up in Dublin at Taco Taco, and it has begun to appear at fast food stands at festivals and markets alike.

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Is it good for me?

Trans fats? Hell no, it’s greasy and fatty, but if you’re out for fast food, healthiness is probably not the first thing in your mind.

How much will it cost?

In Taco Taco, a portion of poutine costs just €3.50 - it's got smokey bacon, black pepper sauce and mozzarella in the dish, and it looks a little something like this:

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What does it taste like?

The greasy spoon versions are super greasy and nasty affairs, but the higher quality restaurant versions are rich and full of flavour. Gloopy, filling and satisfying - the comfort food of your dreams.

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But here, don't listen to us tell you about poutine - listen to this guy singing about how much he loves poutine instead!

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Anna Murray