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What To Do With Unwanted Christmas Gifts

By fiodhna_hm

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Now that the dust has finally settled on Christmas, it's time to take a look at your haul of gifts this year. Was it a successful year? Or are you looking at half of your presents and wondering if your family or friends know you at all? Realistically, how many times are you going to use that vegetable spiralizer or the 18 scented bubble baths you received? Let's be realistic here and look at some other options (part practical, part ridiculous) on what to do with these unwanted gifts.


Are there any relations or pals you haven't seen over the holidays yet? PERFECT! If you're meeting them between now and the New Year, they are prime recipients of your unwanted presents. You just have to be careful that all your cousins didn't get the same weird pack of socks from your Auntie Breda or else you'll be caught out.



This is a little bit more wholesome than plotting or scheming, because most charity shops would be delighted to get donations of brand new pieces of clothing, bath sets, perfume, etc. And sure you never know what delighted lad or lassie you might see walking down South William Street wearing that unwanted hat you got, having just bought it in the local St. VDP's shop.


Sneaky Swap

There you were, Christmas morning unwrapping pressies at the tree and to your disgust your sister got a gorgeous pair of leather gloves, while you got some tacky bobbly hat, scarf and glove combo. Gutted. However, there is hope yet - all that is required is a bit of patience. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to wait until she's had enough champagne at the family dinner on New Year's Eve and persuasively float the idea of swapping your gifts, then they'll be yours in no time (provided she's had enough champers!)



The only negative to this one is you may offend the giver so much that next Christmas you might not get another gift, so always err on the side of caution with this one (i.e. peek in the bag first in the hopes of a gift receipt!). If not, you could always chance your arm at the customer service desk with some elaborate story of huskies eating your receipt as you were sledding around the North Pole with Santa. Then you can have your pick of whatever is in the store, happy days.



You've be amazed at the things Youtube tutorials can teach you these days - don't get rid of the presents, just find a different use for them! Extremely tacky jewellery that will probably go green the first time you wear them? Put them in storage for next year's Christmas jumper make and do, all you'll need is glue gun and a jumper and you're good to go. Ginormous candle that emits a combined odour of wet dog and baby powder? Perfect as a doorstop for that door that always slams. Ugly cat socks? Cut them up and use them as cloths for cleaning surfaces and windows. Thirfty!


No matter how crazy the gift is, just remember that the person who bought was probably giddy with excitement shopping for it thinking it was just what you need. So even if you do end up with a tin measuring jug, try and be gracious. It's the thought that counts!


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