Aeropress - The Idiot Proof Way To Make Awesome Coffee At Home


I have always went out for my daily cups of coffee and rarely made it at home. I would usually have two cups a day and always enjoyed the ritual of ordering an Americano (always in a paper cup) either at my desk or people watching in the one of the awesome coffee spots in this city. The other reason I never made coffee at home is that it was a massive pain in the arse, and no matter what I tried it never tasted as good as when a barista made it. The options available for making coffee at home were either Nespresso capsules or instant coffee... I'd rather drink a steaming mug of piss. I mean, I can't be the only one who thinks that Nespresso coffee tastes like chemicals and is all just about George Clooney, slick marketing and the fancy places they sell it?


Just before Christmas somebody bought me an Aeropress, which is the gadget that all the cool kids seem to be using to make coffee these days. I turned my nose up at it at first because it looked ridiculously complicated, not dissimilar to those juicers that have about 142 separate parts and which require an engineering degree to assemble. Once I realised that it was actually super easy to put together and even easier to wash, I decided I'd give it a go.


To my surprise the coffee was amazing. All it took was a couple of spoonfuls of ground fresh coffee into the Aeropress and a quick plunge to make a cup of coffee that tasted every bit as good as what I get in many cafés. My Aeropress came with a year's supply of filters and only costs 30 yoyos. I've officially been converted from a sceptic to a fully fledged fan of the Aeropress coffee. I'm delighted I discovered this and will probably save myself a few quid in the long run. On the downside, with good coffee being this easy to make I'll find it hard to stick to my 2 cups a day limit!