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20th Dec 2016

Hot Food ‘Should Be Banned On Public Transport’ Because Of Offensive Smells


It’s a problem we’re every bit as familiar with here as they are in the UK.

And at this time of year, the scourge of hot smelly food on public transport is worse than ever – as people realise they’re a bit peckish way home from boozy office get-togethers, and pick up some sustenance before they hop on board.

And now, one politician in the UK has called for a ban on taking hot foods on to the Tube, and this got us thinking about whether it would be worth replicating here.

Saying that it should go the way of smoking, he argues that Londoners should follow the example of Washington DC and New York in battling the blight.

Many passengers in congested carriages find that very offensive. It creates litter and, when left lying around carriages, can create a health hazard.

Lord Sherbourne, speaking to the House of Lords

To be fair, the litter issue is one that can at least be dealt with by people picking up after themselves – but there really is no way of getting around the fact that some of these smells are pretty damn unbearable.

And this is particularly true when you’ve got some inadvertent culinary fusion going on – a mix of vinegary chips and a sweet-and-sour chicken box, perhaps – in the confined carriages of the 11pm Luas.

So what do you think: a fair ban, or an incursion on our culinary liberties? Vote below.