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21st Oct 2021

A weekly round up of some of Dublin’s best sambos

Katy Thornton

There’s a reason sandwiches are Joey Tribbiani’s favourite food

Does anything really fill that lunch time void like a good sambo? You can pretty much sandwich anything between two pieces of bread and it’s going to taste amazing. These Dublin cafés certainly take their creations seriously, and if you’re a sambo enthusiast like we are, you’ve got to check them out.

Sweet N Salty, Daddy’s Café

Location: Rialto

They’ve done it again. Daddy’s Café bring you the sweet n salty sambo. This bad boy includes blue cheese whip, soaked figs, and sautéed lemon kale. Colour us intrigued. This weekly special may not come back again, so get over there ASAP to try it. They open 9am to 2.30pm.

Classic Bacon n’ Egg, Tír Deli

Location: Baggot Street Upper

Sometimes all you need is a good egg breakfast sandwich. Tír Deli opens at 8am during the week and 9am on Saturdays, so early enough to be your first meal of the day. This bacon n’ egg consists of just that, streaky bacon, a fried egg, Irish cheddar, and some relish on a brioche bun. Simple, and perfect.

Rib Sandwich, 147 Deli

Location: Parnell Street

We can always count on 147 Deli to come up with a good weekly special. Currently you can get The Rib Sandwich, which comprises of beef short ribs, chipotle slaw, burnt onion crema, and BBQ sauce. Chef’s kiss. They close over the weekend so stop by today or tomorrow before 3pm!

Cheese and potato toastie, The Pepper Pot Café

Location: South William Street

From the creators of the pear and ham sandwich now comes a truly magnificent and carb loaded specimen. The Pepper Pot Café introduces this cheese and potato toastie – a fancy chip butty, if you will. This will satisfy the most intense case of the stomach grumbles. They open 10am to 5pm, so make sure you stop by.

Which sambo tickles your fancy the most?

Header image via Instagram/thepepperpotcafe

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